The weather outside is frightful!


Even the Die Hards can’t stand up against this weather! It’s cold out there and our little community is abuzz about it!  There was a mass exodus on Mammoth Mountain today! Totally shut down, 5 degrees, blowing a steady 40+, gusts 65+, wind chill -15!   Sorry, guys, but you can’t win ’em all.

So, what are we mountain people supposed to do when our biggest play ground is shut down for the day? PLAY IN THE SNOW OF COURSE!

 1450932_948059598867_333724284_n river chloe

So glad to see everyone,( Mostly ) having a great time out there!


Now, that you’ve had your fun, grab your hot chocolate and stay inside where Jack Frost just can’t nip at your nose.

Dogs life

After you have your fire made, and are all cozzied up on the couch with your favorite device, take a look at a cool video we saw today, check it out!